Bicycle Frequently Asked Questions

"What kind of bike should I get?"

"Where should I get my bike?"

"What about helmets?"

"Do I need other safety equipment?"

"How do I ride safely on the road?"

"Which brake should I use?"

"Should I skid when stopping?"

"What's the best way to steer?"

"What if it's raining?"

"How about riding in the snow?"

"How should I use my gears?"

"I'm trying to get myself into shape by riding a bike. How should I start?"

"What about riding my bike off-road?'

"What if I want to try racing?"

"Where can I learn more?"

Can my child grow into their bicycle?

What Kind of Bicycle should I Buy?

How do you properly fit a bicycle?

What is a touring bike?

Do women fit bikes differently?

Does a bicycle need regular maintenance?

What's a good way to store my bicycle?

What's a recumbent bicycle?

Should I keep a log of my cycling?

What supplies should I carry in my seat pack?

How is cycling beneficial?

Can I test drive a bicycle before I buy?

What should I look out for when cycling on trails?

How do I begin racing?

What's a good cycling cadence?

What bicycle parts need regular checks?

Are Shimano bike parts good?

Do women need different saddles?

What are the benefits of shock absorbing seatposts?

Can I just walk out the door with my pre-assembled bike?

What should I do if my bike makes noises?

Is a Camelbak a good accessory to buy?

How many bicycle accessories are there?

What is a heart rate monitor good for?

Does my bicycle rack need maintenance too?

Is it okay to listen to music while I ride?

What are bicycle frames made from?

How do you calculate the right bicycle frame size?

How do you maintain a bicycle frame?

What's the proper way to clamp a bicycle for storage or repair?

Casn a bicycle frame warranty be nulled?

How do you remove the rear bicycle wheel?

How can I lighten up my bike?

How do you true mountain bike wheels?

Why do bicycle spokes break?

What's a wheelie?

How do you choose rims?

Are folding tires useful?

Should you always carry a flat repair kit?

How do you adjust tire pressure for the way you ride?

What's the best way to put air in bicycle tires?

What types of bicycle tires are there?

What is a custome bike?

Is a custom bike for you?

How long does it take to build a custom bike?

What is a custom adjusted frameset?

How does a custom bicycle builder work?

Are bicycle reviews reliable?

Are bicycle reviews a good way to keep up with technology?

Who writes bicycle reviews?

What are the leading brands in high qualitymountain bikes?

How important is customer service?

How should a bicycle helmet fit?

How are bicycle helmet standards made?

How can I be sure my children are wearing their helmets right?

What are the helmet laws?

Under what circumstances do I need to replace a helmet?

What's the best helmet to wear?

What are the benefits to wearing cycling clothes

How do cycling shorts work?

What are cycling clothing made of?

How does dressing in layers help?

How can you quickly launder cycling clothing to get you back on the road?

How can you look good if you have to walk into a restaurant or other public place right after a ride?

How can I protect myself from the rain?

What's the best way to take care of cycling shoes?

How do you keep your feet warm?

Are all cycling shoe sizes similar?

Is there any relief from foot fatigue?

What are some good cycling shoe brands?

Do I have to adjust my bicycle fork to my weight?

How do you adjust a bike fork?

Do women need to make cetain their bicycle fork is adjusted to their size?

How can I tell if my bicycle fork is faulty?

Are there bicycle forks that are better than others for large riders?

What are good lights for riding at night?

what's required in lights for road cycling?

Why ride a bicycle at night?

Is there an advantage to riding with others at night?

Do bicycle lights make it safe enough to ride at night?

Are lead-acid or nickel-cadmium battery powered lights better?

Do I have to learn to speak mountain bike?

What is a mountain bike?

Under what conditions do trails get damaged?

Can I ride a mountain bike on the road?

Are there rules for trail riding?

What's a sport bike?

What is a sport bike good for?

Will I grow out of a sport bike?

What is a road bike?

Should I learn to speak road bike?

What are the differences between dropped and upright handlebars?

What do you do when a dog chases and barks after you?

What is the Tour de France?

What basic tools should I own?

What's a good strategy for acquiring all the bicycle tools I'll need to maintain my own bike?

How do I keep track of all my bicycle tools?

What's a third hand?

Are multi-tools Effective?

What is the winning purse for the winner of the tour de france?

What is the difference between a compact crankshaft and a normal one, and what does a compact one get you?

What are some bicycle safety rules for riding in the street with motor vehicles?

Are folding bicycles a good buy?

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