Buying a Bike for your Child

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Can my child grow into their bicycle?

Buying a Bike for your Child

Go on, get your kid a bike! When buying a bike for your child, however, don't be tempted to follow the same rule of thumb as when buying clothes. Buying a bike that's too big and hoping they'll grow into is just not a good idea. Riding a bike that is too large is dangerous, uncomfortable, and difficult. To make sure that you choose a bike that is the right size for your child:

• Have your child straddle the bike (standing over the crossbar) with his or her feet on the ground
• If the bike is of a light or medium weight, allow a minimum of 2cm between your child's crotch and the crossbar
• If the bike is heavy, there should be at least 5cm between your child's crotch and the crossbar



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