Music to Pedal By

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Is it okay to listen to music while I ride?

Music to Pedal By

Go ahead and jam out to those tunes! Riding to your favorite music not only makes the trip more enjoyable, but will get you farther down the road. Research has proven that both men and women who pedal to their favorite music ride 11% farther before fatiguing than riders who ride in silence.

*Investing in an accessory like an Ipod or the featherweight Rio is a smart choice. Both crank out hours worth of uninterrupted music (that you choose and download yourself) and are compact.



7/16/2006 11:52:22 AM
Anonymous said:

Downside is that you can't hear any longer what's happening around you. Definitely can be dangerous when there's a lot of traffic.

8/9/2006 12:45:43 PM
Ryan said:

Note* Do not listen to music while biking on roads, or on heavily populated trails. Basically any time a decrease in hearing could be potentialy dangerous

4/30/2007 12:54:09 PM
fp64 said:

I hope you're referring to indoor cycling, only.
Otherwise, you're just wrong, wrong, wrong.


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