Dropped vs. Upright Handlebars

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What are the differences between dropped and upright handlebars?

Dropped vs. Upright Handlebars

Drop it! Road bikes come equipped with both dropped handlebars and upright straight bars. Most experts would agree that dropped handlebars are definitely the way to go. Upright handlebars saddle the rider with inefficient aerodynamics, less balance, less stability, and less traction for steering. In addition to those performance issues, it also prevents the optimum use of leg muscles, and hurts the lower back.

*Dropped handlebars offer the rider several positions for not only the hands, but the wrists and arms, reducing fatigue and monotony.



8/28/2009 8:43:24 PM
Millie said:

As much as I agree with you regarding most of the advantages to dropped handlebars, there are folks who due to back or neck injury have no choice but to use upright or straight bars. I am now one of those, and I've adjusted very well to straight bars. It sure beats not being able to ride at all. All in all, I would suggest that just as any rider needs to ride to find what bike fits, as long as you're not racing, choose the option with which you're the most comfortable.

10/9/2009 10:59:21 PM
Millie said:

However, if you can never use the dropped position, they're kind of a waste. There are now a myriad of options in handlebar arrangement and augmentation. There are many factors that should be taken under considerations when choosing handlebar design.


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