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Who writes bicycle reviews?

Considering Bicycle Review Sources

Don't believe everything you read! Whenever you read a review, you must consider where it's coming from. Is the review from a dealer who is selling that brand or is it from an independent editorial source?

Editorial sources will tend to be more straightforward in their review because they are a neutral source. When you're dealing with riders (which is often since there are so many enthusiast sites and online forums), take everything with a grain of salt. While their experience is worth a lot, keep in mind that you don't really know what kind of rider they are, how they are physically built, or whether their views on the sport are compatible with yours.

What are the leading brands in high qualitymountain bikes?

Reviews of Bike Industry Leaders

For those experienced riders who make substantial investments in their equipment, weighing the choices can be a daunting task. In trail bikes, for instance, leaders like Banshee, Turner, Ellsworth bikes and Azonic all command rave reviews from both industry experts and mountain bike enthusiasts.

The good thing about some of these reviews is that they also reveal a good deal about the way these bikes are constructed as well as how the riders use them—the bad thing is that they make each and every bike sound appealing. Try testing out products you're interested in to further narrow down your choices.

What is the winning purse for the winner of the tour de france?

Winning Purse of the Tour de France

Held every July, the Tour de France has long been thought of as the toughest of races. Just to compete in it is a triumph in and above itself. For the winner though, the purse of 2 million French francs is quite a reward. In American money, it equals about $600,000. This purse is shared by all team members and personnel. But the winner will also inevitably earn millions in product sponsorships and other related commercial endeavors.

Are bicycle reviews reliable?

Learning From Bicycle Reviews

There's a lot to be learned from bicycle or bicycle parts and accessories reviews. No matter what part or brand you look for, there are plenty of reviews online.

*Don't rely solely on reviews. Use reviews to narrow down your search and then head to your favorite bike shops to look, try, and talk about what you've learned.

How important is customer service?

Customer Service Reviews

For riders who live and breathe bikes, it's easy to get lost in the specs and performance parts of bike reviews. However, there's one area that should also catch the eye of the reader looking to invest in a quality bike—customer service.

Knowing that a company will stand behind their equipment and treat you right if something should go wrong is important. Reviews written by riders are often insightful. Companies like Banshee and Intense bikes always cite those companies' devotion to the customer and boast high reviews (Banshee backs their products up with a 10 year warranty).

Are bicycle reviews a good way to keep up with technology?

New Bicycle Product Reviews

Bicycle reviews are a great way to keep up with the plethora of new products that seem to appear on the market almost daily. Usually, when a new bike, gadget, part, or clothing is new, it gets reviewed.

*There are so many review resources that it can be overwhelming. Search around until you find a few that you like (in which you find views you respect) and check in every now and then to see what's new.

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