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What are some good cycling shoe brands?

Leading Cycling Shoe Brands

*A good cycling shoe will increase performance, decrease fatigue, and could save your tendons and ligaments from injury.

There are many great companies on the market selling quality shoes for whatever type of cycling you're into. Shimano cycling shoes, Sidi, and Adidas all make quality cycling shoes that are water repellent, easy to clean, rot-proof and more. The technology behind these shoes are impressively complex in design and materials, and are well worth the cost.

How do you keep your feet warm?

Warm Feet

When feet are cold, it's very difficult to perform to the best of your ability. For cold-weather riding, consider a heavier off-road pair of shoes (even if you have to change your road bike pedals to off-bike ones), wearing thicker socks, wearing insulated shoe covers, or wearing Neoprene toe covers.

*Sliding plastic bags over your feet before putting your shoes on is an effective, inexpensive way to keep your feet dry.

What's the best way to take care of cycling shoes?

Cycling Shoe Maintenance

If the shoe fits, make it last! Cycling shoes, when well maintained, will last a surprisingly long time – often much longer that regular sneakers or other types of sports shoes. To get the most out of your investment try these tips:

• Wear cycling socks so the shoes don't get stretched out and ruin the fit
• Try to walk as infrequently as possible in your cycling shoes
• Keep your bicycle shoes dry by taking out the liners and putting in newspaper to absorb any moisture
• To make them smell a bit better, try putting a scented dryer sheet in each one

Is there any relief from foot fatigue?

Cycling Shoe Insoles

Quit suffering! If your expensive cycling shoes still give you “hot foot” and fatigue, it could be caused by the insoles (especially if you have low arches).

Sometimes, even the most expensive shoes can have inexpensive insoles in them. Try replacing the insoles, and you may find the greater cushioning will realign your foot to your ankle, relieving your suffering.

Are all cycling shoe sizes similar?

Fitting Cycling Shoes

It's hard to buy a cycling shoe without first trying them on—many brands run wider than others. Sizing and shoe shapes fluctuate, and the size that fits best in one brand, may not in another brand.

*If you're buying shoes from a catalog or online, don't save your purchase for the last minute, when if you need to make an exchange, you won't have enough time and uncomfortable shoes will make you miserable.

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