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How do you choose rims?

Choosing Rims

Don't be skimpy with your rims. Choosing a pair of rims should entail considering several important performance attributes such as:

• Aerodynamics- Aerodynamics are important if you race
• Weight- Less weight is always better (especially if you're climbing a lot)
• Strength- Strength is important if you're riding under rough conditions
• Ride quality- For the best riding quality, get vertically compliant rims instead of rigid ones

Why do bicycle spokes break?

Broken Wheel Spokes

Spokes are an often neglected, yet important part of your wheel. Most spokes break from the fatigue caused by the change in tension as the wheels turn round. More often, broken spokes will occur in the back wheel because back wheels carry more weight. And, if one spoke breaks, it's generally a signal that others may not be far behind.

*It's always a good idea to check your spokes regularly, and to keep a few extra (of the right length) on hand.

How do you true mountain bike wheels?

Mountain Bike Wheels

Stay true to your wheels! Mountain bikers who are continuously running over rocks and roots (or even falling over) need to true their bike wheels more often than most. To true your wheel, follow these simple steps:

• Spin the wheels to make sure they spin smoothly
• If your wheels do not spin smoothly, take the locknut, washer and cone off
• Take out the axle by sliding it from the other side, catching the bearings as they fall
• Clean everything up, use new bearings, and use a good bicycle grease
• Put everything back into place
• Once you put the wheel back on, make sure there is no play and that it spins freely

How do you remove the rear bicycle wheel?

Removing A Rear Bicycle Wheel

Many cyclists are afraid to take off the rear wheel to fix a flat for fear of messing up the chain but its not as difficult as most people think. To safely remove your rear wheel, follow these instructions:

• Create slack in the chain by shifting onto the small cog and small ring
• Open the brakes so the tire doesn't bump into the brake pads
• Pull the derailleur back and remove the wheel

What's a wheelie?

Running Into Rocks & Roots with your Wheel

Popping wheelies can be good for your bike. A wheelie is when a rider lifts the front wheel high enough into the air that the center of gravity moves over the rear wheel, allowing the rider to balance the bicycle as if on a unicycle. To do a wheelie or to “pop” you need to use a combination of pedal thrust and weight shifting to raise the front wheel in the air.

*Although wheelies cause a lot of stress on a bicycle's fork when the from wheel comes back down, it is a useful technique off-road to avoid running over rocks or roots head on.

How can I lighten up my bike?

Lighter Wheels

Your bike can stand to lose a little weight. There are many cycling instances in which being lighter is better. One place you can drop a bit of weight is in your bicycle wheels. If you have some funds, you can trade in your conventional wheel set for a lightweight one that might have just a very few spokes (some even have three or four aerodynamic, bladed spokes).

*Be careful, if your wheels are too light can hinder your momentum.

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