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Will I grow out of a sport bike?

Sport Bike for Fitness & Recreation

If the last time you were on a bike was too long ago to admit, a sport bike might be a good choice for you. As a great choice for recreation or just getting some regular exercise, the triple crank, giving you lower gears, will help you keep cadence.

*Sport bikes are great starter or leisure bikes. As you progress though, however, or if you catch the cycling bug along the way, you'll eventually want a new bicycle that will meet your desire for greater challenge.

What's a sport bike?

Sport Bike Definition

Sport bikes are a combination of road racing bicycle and touring bicycle. They usually have a road racing frame with a triple crank, but with a more relaxed geometry. Don't go crazy, however, and hit those upper gears from the get-go (especially if you're planning on going up hills).

*Hit the lower gears—they are easy on the knees, and you'll be much more comfortable pedaling up hills if you live in a hilly area. And the relaxed geometry will enable you to take longer rides.

What is a sport bike good for?

Sport Bike Uses

Sport bikes have come a long way in the past thirty years. In the 1970's they were those 10 speeds that everyone seemed to be riding. Now, sport bikes are a bit more like road racing bikes, although you still won't be winning any races in them. They are still a good way to get around town, commuting, or to take a ride with the family.

*Don't take a sport bike on tough terrain or through mountainous areas—they're not really equipped for that.

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