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What are the differences between dropped and upright handlebars?

Dropped vs. Upright Handlebars

Drop it! Road bikes come equipped with both dropped handlebars and upright straight bars. Most experts would agree that dropped handlebars are definitely the way to go. Upright handlebars saddle the rider with inefficient aerodynamics, less balance, less stability, and less traction for steering. In addition to those performance issues, it also prevents the optimum use of leg muscles, and hurts the lower back.

*Dropped handlebars offer the rider several positions for not only the hands, but the wrists and arms, reducing fatigue and monotony.

What is a road bike?

Road Bike Definition

Road bikes refer to any bicycle designed for riding in the road. And, as bicycle riding has grown in popularity, the styles available have grown too. Also in the road bike category are triathlon, touring and track bikes—which are all based on the traditional road bike.

*All quality road bikes should have drop-handlebars and thin tires on a tall frame.

Should I learn to speak road bike?

Road Bike Lingo

Road words…do you know ‘em? Road bicyclists have a lingo all their own. And, if this is going to be your passion, you should get with the flow. Here's a start:

• Bonk- when you run out of energy during a ride
• Cadence- is your rate of crank and speed, measured in revolutions per minute (rpms)
• Dropped- getting left behind by a group of riders
• Century- is a one-day 100-mile ride

What do you do when a dog chases and barks after you?

Road Cycling & Dogs

One of the most annoying, and certainly one of the most disconcerting problems of road cycling, is getting chased by a dog—you just never know how aggressive they will get. The best way to handle dogs is to first try and ignore the animal and hope that as you pedal away, they will stop. You can also try a firm, “NO”, if the dog doesn't stop.

* Try keeping an old sock with a knot in it handy. If you come across an unusually persistent dog, you can throw the sock and chances are the dog will chase after it, allowing you to ride away. If you do have to stop, place your bicycle between you and the dog.

What is the Tour de France?

The Tour de France

Want to really compete? Get you and your biking pants to France! The Tour de France is the largest racing event in the cycling world. It is organized in 21 stages, with the race varying from year to year. Some of the things always included in this road race is super-fast time trials, and testing mountain climbs, with the race finishing in Paris.

*Training for this event is grueling, but the potential is great. The winning purse is well over $2 million.

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