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How can you look good if you have to walk into a restaurant or other public place right after a ride?

Looking Good When You Get Off The Bike

The trouble with riding in sunny weather with your short sleeve cycling jersey is that farmer's tan you'll inevitably end up walking around with well into the fall months. Try buying a sleeveless jersey instead. You'll stay cool and fashionable at the same time. Many companies (like Fox Clothing) make excellent racing & performance gear as well as sportswear.

*Ladies, if you'd like to quickly put on a dressier look over your cycling clothes, find a wrap around skirt make of stretch materials (a dance shop will have one). You can pack it up and take it along (it won't wrinkle).

How do cycling shorts work?

Cycling Shorts

Who needs underwear? If you've been wearing underwear under your bike shorts, you could be defeating the whole purpose of bike shorts in the first place. Bike shorts come with pads inside to take the place of underwear, so you can have a seam-free ride.

*If you still experience pain even without the underwear, try wearing two pairs of bike shorts for double the padding.

What are cycling clothing made of?

Cycling Clothing Materials

Bike clothes are mostly made out of synthetic fabrics with names unfamiliar to the general populace. Here's a quick take on some of the more frequently used ones:

• Lycra is machine washable, doesn't absorb moisture, and is used in warm weather (but it snags easily)
• Capilene is very comfortable, wicks away moisture, and comes in several weights for different climates
• Thermax is heat resistant so you can throw those clothes in the dryer
• Polarite is fluffy, comfortable and very warm, but doesn't wick away moisture well

*Assess what you need and make an educated decision when selecting biking clothes.

How can I protect myself from the rain?

Cycling Jacket

A very lightweight piece of cycling gear that folds and can slip into any jersey pocket is a lightweight shell jacket. If the weather turns chilly or it begins to rain, you'll be ever so grateful to have a one at hand.

*Buy a cycling jacket in a bright color so you'll be visible through the rain and fog.

How does dressing in layers help?

Dressing in Layers

Wearing layers is the best way to prepare yourself for almost any kind of weather. Layers have many uses. Here are some tips for proper utilization of layers:

Keep something that wicks away moisture well closest to your body
A middle layer is good for adding warmth,
An outer layer that is windproof, yet breathable is ideal

*If you get an outer layer that is light enough, it can fold down to fit in your seat pack.

How can you quickly launder cycling clothing to get you back on the road?

Quick Laundering

Don't be gross! Riding in dirty cycling shorts can increase your chances of developing saddle sores. So, if you've got no time or Laundromat nearby, here's a great way to wash your cycling shorts:

Wash them thoroughly in the sink
Roll them up in a towel and wring them as hard as you can to get out excess water
Repeat wringing them dry several times using different towels and they'll dry in minutes

What are the benefits to wearing cycling clothes

The Benefits of Cycling Clothes

Do you know what your clothes do? Clothes made specifically for cycling serve some very specific and beneficial purposes to both the novice and experienced cyclist. Here's a guide to your cycling clothing:

• Bright jerseys keep you visible, and the fabric keeps moisture away while letting your skin breathe
• Cycling shorts provide great comfort from seams and chafing (especially if you're riding a long distance)
• Gloves provide traction on the handlebars and warmth in cooler weather
• Glasses protect your eyes from sun, and small objects that get thrown up from the trail or road

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