Stopping the Bike

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"Which brake should I use?"

Stopping the Bike

A common myth about bikes is that using the front brake will make you flip over the handlebars. This is not true; in fact, the front brake is far more important to use than the rear because it can stop you faster and more safely. If you've never used the front brake before, test it out on a flat, quiet section of road and get a feel for how it works at progressively faster speeds. The next time you have to stop suddenly, you'll be shocked how much faster and more safely you can slow down.



8/10/2006 5:01:50 PM
Maria said:

I completely disagree with this. I have flown over my handlebars before by using my front brakes, because I was holding something with my other hand and had to stop or else I would have been hit by a car. Who ever wrote this must have been high. Unless if you REALLY ease into breaking with your front brakes, in which case this does not apply for "the next time you have to stop suddenly".


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