Bike Riding in the Winter

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"How about riding in the snow?"

Bike Riding in the Winter

Riding a bike in the snow can be very fun, provided the right safety precautions are taken. Bundle up in layers and protect the fingers and toes especially well. Never ride on snowy or icy roads, as a motorist could easily loose control and crush you. Your brakes won't work as well, and steering is difficult, but unlike on pavement, snow skids are very easy to control and don't destroy your tires. Plus, falls are well cushioned. Ride in lower gears than you normally would for more power in the snow, and have fun!



8/5/2006 5:22:34 AM
Kyle Hoof said:

Snow riding and commuting can work well. As a student in Ann Arbor Michigan, many of us used typical mountain bikes to commute to and from our university classes. We rode in the snow, on sidewalks where available, and even on snowy roads. Yes, it is possible to ride on icy and snowy roads too. Hundreds of students do it years on end.


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