Putting Air in Your Bicycle Tires

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What's the best way to put air in bicycle tires?

Putting Air in Your Bicycle Tires

Take care of your bike and yourself! Checking your air pressure and putting air in your tires is something you should do before every ride. Don't rely on squeezing the tire; always use bicycle tire gauge.

*If you're riding in warm weather, its best to drop the pressure by 10 PSI to prevent heat flats and avoid using gas station hoses—their compressors blast too much air into bicycle tires at too fast a rate and can cause a blow-out.



6/8/2007 5:09:44 AM
Mom with flat tires said:

I came to this site to find out how much air to put in my bike tire. I couldn't find that info therefore this site is useless to me.


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